The works presented on this website have been mostly done in watercolour and sometimes in acrylic.

Watercolours have a reputation for being a difficult medium to work with,
requiring an in-depth technical knowledge. Watercolour is unforgiving.
If you make a mistake, it is difficult to correct.

I have found that the passion I feel for watercolour comes from the fact that I try
to play within these constraints and take advantage of the unexpected
within the painting process.

"aquarelle-Vanise" et "aquarelle-Paris Opéra"

However in my opinion, these difficulties should not hinder the artist in exploring his/her creativity and his/her sense of self expression.

"Art" for me is to be truly discovered within this exploration process. Public use of any image ( watercolour, painting or photo) or text reproduction is forbidden without the express written agreement of the author.

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